Community Involvement

          May His beauty rest upon me as I seek the lost to win, And may they forget the channel, seeing only Him.”

~Katie Barclay Wilkinson

As a member of the Music Teachers National Association, Kansas Music Teachers Association, South Central Kansas Music Teachers Association, and Wichita Metropolitan Music Teachers Association, there are dozens of opportunities all year long for students to participate in festivals and competitions! I also strongly encourage students to share music at their churches and other special events (weddings, graduations, corporate gatherings, musicals, etc. as the occasions arise). Here is a list of specific events open to students of Natalie’s Piano Studio:

Competitions | Critiqued Events | Non-Competitive Festivals


Concerto Competition – Students perform a concerto and are judged against other students in their division. The senior division winner is awarded a performance with a local symphony orchestra.

KMTA Fall Auditions – an individual competition in which students are judged and receive a rating. Winners at the district level proceed to state. At the State Auditions, winners and honorable mentions are named.

Senseney-Schneider Piano Auditions – each student prepares two memorized solos and is judged against other students in their division. Winners receive cash prizes.

Critiqued Events

Music Progressions – a program that evaluates students in the areas of performance, understanding and vocabulary, written and applied theory, keyboard facility, listening, and sight-reading. Each student receives a written critique from the facilitator and grades from their written tests.

WSU Festivals – elementary, middle school, and high school divisions in which students play a piece for a judge and receive a written critique and rating.

Non-Competitive Festivals

Clavinova Festival – sponsored by Senseney Music, each student prepares a piece, incorporating the music technology of a Yamaha Clavinova, and plays at an area-wide festival.

KCMTA Multi-Piano Concert – 16 grand pianos and 32 performers! It’s a piano symphony! Held in the Kansas City area, this event gives pianists a chance to experience playing with a lot of other musicians while being directed by a conductor.

SCKMTA Fall Festival – a collaborative effort among area teachers. Festival details vary from year to year, but have included masterclasses, themed recitals, and an outdoor Marshmallows and Music event!

WMMTA Spring Festival – a themed festival that encourages ensemble music. Past festivals include: Piano 300, Jazz Fest, Music Olympics, World Music, and Back to the Future.