Work on Projects

          It is the artist who realizes that there is a supreme force above him and works gladly away as a small apprentice under God’s heaven.”

~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

It is a remarkable fact that God designed humans with the capacity to create and add material value to the world. A simple piece of paper can be sold for several dollars when it is printed with the notes of an original composition representing inspiration, years of training, and hours of labor. A polycarbonate plastic disc becomes worth significantly more than the sum total of the materials when it is burned with the sound waves of a gifted pianist.

Students at Natalie’s Piano Studio are encouraged to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors that will help them develop skills and contribute in a positive way to the world. Here are some of the exciting projects that have been produced:

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Musical Quote (mug design)


The Abandoned Amusement Park (sheet music)

In Our Valleys (a book of original songs and hymn arrangements)

Sunflowers in the Rain (sheet music)

The Psalms Project (selected Psalms set to music by students)


A Year of Praise with Psalm 150 (calendar)

Music Instruments (set of postcards)


From His Heart to Mine (CD of original piano compositions)

Students’ Classics (compilation CD of original piano compositions)


The Muzine (a music magazine)